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EMU Library Week

Director of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Özay Oral Library Osman Soykan released a statement marking the 53rd Library Week. In his statement Soykan noted: “Library Week is celebrated every year on the last Monday of March. It will be celebrated between the 27thof March and the 2nd of April with an array of activities. Library Week is a tradition that was made official by the Ministry of Education in Turkey in 1964 and in the TRNC in 1996. The aim of this week is to highlight the importance of books, reading and libraries in our society.”

Director of EMU Özay Oral Library Osman Soykan noted that we are living in an age where knowledge is an indispensable value: “Societies which see science and knowledge as a guide are continually developing in the fields of science and technology. This development undeniably has a positive effect both on the level of intellect and the economic welfare of societies.” 

Soykan described modern libraries as places that use internet technology not only to collect and store information but also as portals that allow researchers to find new information sources. He stated that “University libraries are more about the organization of information and allowing users to reach information, than being places where information is physically stored. For this reason cooperation between libraries has become very important. The new library model allows academicians and researchers to obtain information without making location a factor. The role of the 21st Century university library is to allow academicians, researchers and students to reach information in all formats without creating any barriers.”

Osman Soykan went on to state that the 53rd Library Week is a significant event for EMU Özay Oral Library as it is important for all libraries. “Our library is a library with one of the biggest academic collections on the island. It is also a library that has gained recognition in international consortiums. It contains roughly 160.000 books, 10.000 electronic magazine subscriptions and 200,000 electronic books”.

“With its effective information services and rich collection, our library is an indispensable tool of the university’s modern, innovative and student-centred education philosophy. Aside from our academic staff and students, the library is also available for members of the general public and world researchers. Therefore, we would like to invite the community to read and benefit from our library services. To obtain more information about EMU Özay Oral Library the public can visit the website http://library.emu.edu.tr”. At the end of his remarks, Soykan wished all librarians and library users a happy Library Week, and the community days filled with books.

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